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Robert Young Valentine and Shauna Burgon Valentine met at BYU, fell in love and were married in 1967. They have lived in Provo, Utah; Durham and Laurinburg, North Carolina; and, for nearly three decades in Lincoln, Nebraska. Bob and Shauna moved back to Utah in 2004 into a new home in Highland. They have five grown children, Christopher, Lisa, Gina, James and Amanda and a lot of grandchildren. Enjoy news and photos of our growing family. Send comments, too. Stay in touch!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Family Home Evening, August 27, 2007

We turn on the radio every morning to hear the latest on the six miners lost in the Huntington mine. Our hearts ache and we pray for the waiting families. We felt such sorrow for the three rescuers who died trying to reach them. We pray for their families.

Floods in the midwest, fires all over the world, earthquakes and we wonder what we can do.

President Thomas S. Monson, First Counselor in the LDS (Mormon) presidency, turned 80 this month, "I want to live the best I can and do the most for others as long as I can. "

Isn't that what we want to do, too? But, how can we help take care of so many disasters and sadness?

This week Elder Scott, one of the Twelve Apostles, spoke at BYU: " You can learn vitally important things by what you hear and see and, even more, by what we feel, as prompted by the the Holy Ghost. Many individuals limit their learning primarily to what they hear or read. Be wise, " he counseled. "Develop the skill of also learning by what you see and particularly by what the Holy Ghost prompts you to feel."

He suggests that we write down our special feelings, and as we become more aware of promptings and act on them, we will become better at recognizing them.

We can help by praying, by listening with an open heart and mind, by sincerely fasting and praying with others on the first of each month, and by paying our tithes and offerings. We can also serve others on our own and when we are called to serve by our leaders.

Our Laurel class is compiling school supplies and making school bags to support the humanitarian efforts of the LDS Church. We don't know where in the world the school bags will be sent, but even in the preparation of them we are being blessed.

This year the Bishop's Storehouse--which supplies help for those in need--is marking 75 years, an effort started during the Depression. Talk about people helping people:

*There are over one hundred operating storehouses in the U.S. and Canada, and 29 in Latin America.
*The Church runs 285 Employment Resource Centers (*239,410 people internationally received training and jobs with the help of LDS employment services), 44 Deseret Industries thrift stores, and *100 home storage centers
*Church members donated 623,153 days of labor to welfare facilities in 2006.

(Your parents have worked at the LDS cannery, Deseret Industries and American Fork Development Center this year and we donate regularly to the LDS Humanitarian Aid fund, which distributes 100% of the money around the world through Catholic Social Services, Islamic Relief Worldwide and other agencies.)

After the 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit Peru on August 15, Mormon leaders quickly sent help to an area that had been cut off from immediate relief near Lima. Local LDS leaders took care of victims in the area until help could arrive. In all 80 tons of food, medical supplies, and other essentials were delivered to Peru from LDS storehouses in other countries.

"I am only one, I can't do everything, but I can do something."

What can I do to help or serve? I will look for opportunities, I will hear about needs, and I will feel and act upon promptings I receive through the Holy Ghost. I won't wait to be asked or told what to do, but be "anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of [my] own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness [and good]. For the power is within me" (D&C 58:27-28).

We hope everyone is doing well and that the first of the school year will go smoothly for our wonderful grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Best wishes for great fall sales at your "Local Honey" shop in Nashville, Amanda, and the Maroon5 tour in Europe, James.

We love you,

Mom and Dad
Shauna and Robert Valentine
Highland, Utah


Anonymous Amanda said...

Love you too! I'm so glad you started the blog so I could keep up with all the activities!

September 13, 2007 at 2:50 PM  

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