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Robert Young Valentine and Shauna Burgon Valentine met at BYU, fell in love and were married in 1967. They have lived in Provo, Utah; Durham and Laurinburg, North Carolina; and, for nearly three decades in Lincoln, Nebraska. Bob and Shauna moved back to Utah in 2004 into a new home in Highland. They have five grown children, Christopher, Lisa, Gina, James and Amanda and a lot of grandchildren. Enjoy news and photos of our growing family. Send comments, too. Stay in touch!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Family Home Evening, Monday, February 4, 2008

Dear Family,

Happy Monday. It has been an eventful week.

Congratulations to Owen on his baptism last Saturday. It was a happy and fun day at the Clark's home and later at the "Training Table" for hamburgers.

Happy new home in Nashville to Amanda. We love the photos you sent (and we published on the blog). Send us the newspaper article when it comes out.

We've enjoyed watching James on many TV shows last week! Talk about exposure! The Pepsi Splash show at the Super Bowl was great. Best wishes with the Grammy Awards next week. We hope you win.

We're so glad everyone is feeling better--the winter guck has really been going around but everyone is looking and sounding better, especially Robert, who finally got his voice back.

We hope that Gina and Jonathan and the girls will be able to find some place to put the snow the rest of the winter up in Suncrest. Fortunately, we had our Snapper snow blower rebuilt in time for last week's blizzard. Robert spent Saturday and Sunday cleaning up the neighborhood!

Farewell to our beloved prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley, whose funeral was held last Saturday.

Thomas S. Monson is the new President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with Henry B. Eyring as First Counselor and Dieter F. Uchtdorf as Second Counselor. They are all wonderful and amazing men and our prayers are with them.

Here is the family home evening message for Monday, February 4, 2008.

I do not believe that any man lives up to his ideals, but if we are striving , if we are working, if we are trying, to the best of our ability, to improve day by day, then we are in the line of our duty. If we are seeking to remedy our own defects, if we are so living that we can ask God for light, for knowledge, for intelligence, and above all for his Spirit, that we may overcome weaknesses, then I can tell you, we are in the straight and narrow path that leads to life eternal. Then we need have no fear. --- Heber J. Grant

(Just a bit of family history stuck in here)

Heber J. Grant was the 7th president of the Church and president of the Great Britain Mission when Shauna's grandfather, your great-grandfather, Heber James Burgon was called as a missionary there in 1902. (He spent most of this mission in Ireland). They remained friends after Grandfather's mission and I learned today that President Grant suggested that Heber Burgon go into banking, which he did, and later, so did Shauna's father, Marvin, your grandfather. Great grandpa Heber Burgon was President of the East Jordan Stake for eighteen years. The stake covered Midvale to the point of the mountain in Draper, and from the Wasatch mountains on the east, and the Oquirrah mountains on the west side of the valley, a huge area.
Shauna's grandparents hosted many LDS general authorities in their Midvale home on a regular basis. Great grandfather Heber also participated in many General Conferences. Shauna found this account from 1928: The following telegram has been received from S. N. Kunz of Montpelier, Idaho: "We are hearing the opening services by radio more distinctly than we usually do in most sections of the Tabernacle. "The congregation sang, "Redeemer of Israel."The closing prayer was offered by Elder Heber J. Burgon, president of the East Jordan stake of Zion. Activity in the LDS church has been a blessing to the Burgon and Valentine families for more than a century.

How diligent are we today?

1. I work effectively, even when I'm not under pressure or close supervision.

2. I focus my efforts on the most important things (Matthew 23:23)

3. I have a personal prayer at least twice a day (Alma 34: 18-27)

4. I focus my thoughts on my calling so I can do it properly.

5. I set goals and plan regularly (D&C 88:119)

6. I work hard until the job is completed successfully. (D&C 10:14)

7. I find joy and satisfaction in my work. (Alma 36:24-25)

Have a terrific week! We love you!

Mom and Dad, Robert & Shauna Valentine


Anonymous Ilenia said...

I really love your blog!!
Congratulations for your beautiful big family! It's great to see how much you love your children and grandchildren!
Best wishes to James for the Grammys! He's working so much with the Maroon 5 and they all deserve to win! I had the great possibility to see them live last december 16th, I was in the first row and I even catched your son towel! I know it could seem stupid but I really love them...^^
All the best to all of you for the future!!
Hughs & Kisses from Milan _Italy_
Ilenia ^^

February 5, 2008 at 12:25 PM  

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