Robert & Shauna Valentine Family

Robert Young Valentine and Shauna Burgon Valentine met at BYU, fell in love and were married in 1967. They have lived in Provo, Utah; Durham and Laurinburg, North Carolina; and, for nearly three decades in Lincoln, Nebraska. Bob and Shauna moved back to Utah in 2004 into a new home in Highland. They have five grown children, Christopher, Lisa, Gina, James and Amanda and a lot of grandchildren. Enjoy news and photos of our growing family. Send comments, too. Stay in touch!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

We can't believe our son performed in Shanghai!

Bob Valentine remembers clearly when Richard and Pat Nixon opened China in the early 70's. Two years ago Bob and Shauna explored Beijing and Xian! Last week, Maroon5 performed in Shanghai! We downloaded this "meet and greet" picture from One can see that the boys are healthy and happy! Check out their website for their killer tour this summer.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

James Valentine in Japan!

A sobering visit and concert in Hiroshima; later corn-on-the-cob in Tokyo. Walking around Tokyo, James ran into pal John Mayer, who was on vacation! Amazing! He also had dinner with childhood friend Aaron Hames, a writer now who lives in Japan. They went from kindergarten through high school together!

Chris Valentine takes his Dad skiing at Brighton!

Well, at almost 66 years of age, it is time to learn to ski. Dad took lessons on the "Explorer Hill" (bunny run) during the morning. On his last run, he only fell down once. Meanwhile, Gigi can ski circles around Grandpa. Chris disappeared way up into the mountains on his new ski board! The ten-dollar hamburgers were delicious!

In Your Easter Bonnet!

The Valentine grandchildren in the Sunday best come for Easter dinner. (Of course, they changed later after the easter egg hunt!)

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easter Sunday

Having found Jesus’ tomb empty on the third day after His death, Mary Magdalene ran to tell Peter and John. They went back with her and saw for themselves that Jesus’ body was not there. After Peter and John went home, Mary stood weeping outside the empty tomb. She looked into the sepulchre and saw two angels in white. Both were sitting where Jesus’ body had lain. The angels asked Mary why she was crying. She said, “Because they have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid him” (John 20:13; see also John 20:10–12).

Mary turned away and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not recognize Him. He asked her why she was crying and whom she was looking for. Mary thought He was the gardener or caretaker and said, “Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away” (John 20:15; see also John 20:14).

Then Jesus said, “Mary.” Mary turned and recognized Him and cried, “Rabboni,” which means Master. (See John 20:16.)

"The Savior's Resurrection assures all of us that someday we, too, will follow Him and experience our own resurrection. What peace, what comfort this great gift is which comes through the loving grace of Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of all mankind."

M. Russell Ballard, The Atonement and the Value of One Soul, Ensign, May 2004, page 84.


In church this morning, your Mom and Dad sang two wonderful Easter songs in the choir: "There is a Green Field Far Away" and "Canon of Praise."


Mom and Dad, Robert & Shauna Valentine

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Thrillionaires are back together again!

After taking off a few months to give birth to Margaret, Lisa Valentine Clark rejoined the THRILLIONAIRES improvisation group at the fully packed Covey Center in Provo last Monday night. Grandma watched Margaret in between the two sets, one a Shakespearean improvisation followed by a St. Patrick's Day spoof. Both were a riot! The audience went wild.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's seven a.m. in Zion and time to go to work!

Shauna Burgon Valentine looks like a million bucks at 7 a.m. as she and her talented and devoted husband head to BYU Monday through Friday, about 45 minutes away, depending on traffic, to bring joy and happiness to the world. No one should look this good this early in the morning, says her biggest fan and roommate, Bob!

BYU College of Education magazine earns an ADY award.

The ADY awards are given by the advertising industry to the advertising industry. The judges for the awards come from other states. The winner, A. J. Rich (in the middle with his wife) designed the layout for an article on Carl G. Maeser in a recent issue of the BYU College of Education magazine, which is edited by the lovely and vivacious Shauna Burgon Valentine, mother of five, grandmother of soon-to-be thirteen, who insisted on attending to honor Rich. Her pal Roxie on the right is the magazine's executive editor! We enjoyed dinner Saturday night at the trendy Depot in Gateway, where Robert ate too much bread and fought sleep! Nevetheless, he had the energy to take a couple of pictures. We drove back to Highland in a mid March snowstorm. Sunday morning arrives early!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Family Home Evening, March 8, 2008

Dear Family,

Happy Monday and Happy Family Home Evening. We hope you have all adjusted to the time change--we haven't. We can't imagine what James and the band members are going through on the other side of the world suffering from jet lag. Now that we have seen the hint of spring, Dad has pumped up all the tires on the bikes that we keep for the grandchildren to ride in the park next to our home. He put fresh batteries for the sound-effects in the BIG WHEELS, too. We are ready to roll. Dad keeps a bike on the BYU campus to take rides between classes.

We visited Grandma Amy Monday night in Salt Lake City after work. She looks great. Amy Lee came from Colorado Springs to spend a couple weeks with her.

Our previous FHE's have been a bit long so tonight we send our love, a thought, and related scriptures .

"God has known you individually . . . for a long, long time (see D&C
93:23). He has loved you for a long, long time. He not only knows the names
of all the stars
(see Psalm 147:4; Isaiah 40:26); He knows your names and
all your heartaches and your joys! By the way, you have never seen an
immortal star; they finally expire. But . . . you . . . are immortal
individuals--imperfect but who are, nevertheless, 'trying to
be like Jesus'!"
(Neal A. Maxwell)

All our love,

Mom and Dad xoxoxoxoxoxox

Friday, March 7, 2008

Margaret Valentine Clark is two-months-old!

She has figured out that the Valentine family is loud and funny!
Now, just get me out of this contraption, please!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sunday night in Highland.

Dr. Valentine and his grandmother reminisce.
Miles loves the comics.
No more monkeys jumping on the bed.
Chris and Lisa are real pals!
Zane shows off his latest gadget!

Swedish meatballs from IKEA and lots of conversation! Grampa and grandma were watching Gina's kids while she and Jonathan were enjoying a break in Palm Srings. Lisa and Chris brought her kids. Marilyn was healing the sick and Topher was catching up on UVSC school work.

Saturday Lunch at Little America

Our favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City. Reasonably price great food! Mom Amy Valentine and sister Cristy eat here frequently. The grilled halibut and grilled salmon are delicious. So is the mushroom soup!

Robert inducted into the BYU Emeritus Alumni Association

Having graduated from BYU forty years ago, Bob Valentine has been inducted into the Emeritus Alumni Association before he dies. Nice lunch. Saw old friends. Shauna graduated in 1967 (and was the graduation speaker in the College of Education) and was inducted a year ago. What an honor to have attended BYU and to be teaching and working there forty years later!

Gina's girls come for a visit to Highland!

How do you get Sydney to take a nap?
Snuggle with Grandma!
Who makes the best pancakes?

James Valentine in Thailand

Arriving a few days early to rest, Maroon 5 begins a month-long tour of countries on the other side of the world. Check out their tour on

James sees the reclining Buddha. Mom and Dad hope that James gets to recline and take a nap or two in between concerts. We look forward to their Salt Lake City concert in April!